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8 Mar,2014
Indian Women in Science & Technology

While working with NCSM, a science communication organization, I thought to explore information about Indian women in Science and Technology on this International Women’s Day. Suddenly some...

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28 Feb,2014
28th February, National Science Day in India

You might be aware that 28th February is celebrated as National Science Day in India but do you know why and for what the day is celebrated as National Science Day. I am also sure you must h...

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No Image 3 Sep,2013
Interesting Fact of the day (3rd September)

Can anyone steal your days? You don't believe it, but it happened in September 1752. How it happened, here it goes- In 1752, the day of 3 September never happened in Britain, nor the ne...

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No Image 2 Sep,2013
विज्ञान के इतिहास में 2 सितंबर यानि एटीएम मशीन के आने का दिन

आजकल टीवी पर अभिनेता सैफ अली खान का एक विज्ञापन आता है, जिसमें एक पिज्जा बॉय को पैसे देने के लिए उनके कहने भर से घर में ही लगी एक मशीन से पैसे उड़-उड़ कर निकलने लगते हैं। फिर एक टैग लाइन...

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